With the persistence of the coronavirus pandemic, wearing a face mask has become unavoidable. However, this causes a major problem for people who wear spectacles—foggy glasses. It’s an even bigger problem to deal with when the weather is cold.

When the wearer’s warm breath hits the cold lenses of the glasses, condensation takes place on the surface. The only way for the air to escape from a mask is going upwards into the glasses, making the condensation process unavoidable. If wearing contact lenses is not an option for you, here are some cost-effective ways to prevent your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask:

Anti-fogging products

If you’re willing to invest a few bucks, anti-fogging sprays and wipes are good options to avoid the hassle of wearing fogged-up glasses. These products can cost even less than $10. Using these products once a day can help you prevent light fogging.

Soap and water

A simple trick that seems to work well in preventing glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask is washing them with a solution of dish soap and water right before wearing the mask. After washing them, shake off the excess water, and let the glasses air dry or gently wipe them with soft tissue before wearing them.


Consider using tape to hold down the mask as a last resort. Using tape to keep the mask close to the nose and the cheeks can prevent the hot air from escaping the mask and going upwards into the glasses. When attempting this method, use medical or sports tape because duct tape is not suitable for the skin.

Try these methods to avoid the trouble of your glasses fogging up while wearing a face mask!

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