Just because it’s winter, you need not stop exercising outdoors altogether. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, staying fit has become more important than ever before, which is why you should make exercising a priority this winter. Here are a few activities and exercises that we think will be perfect to partake in this winter season.

Get your daily workout by running on fresh snow

Moving through fresh snow can be a real workout in itself, given that it exerts quite a lot of pressure on your muscles. It’s a great way to challenge your body, while also having fun.

Shoveling snow

Shovel your driveway and get a great workout in – it’s a win-win!

Shoveling snow can make for a great workout, and help you strengthen your muscles. What’s more, you’ll have a snow-free driveway at all times!

Getting in a quick workout in an outdoor, green space can reinvigorate you.

Regardless of whether the sun is out or not, try to get at least a few minutes of exercise in an open, green space. The cold weather will make you feel energized and it will help you stay fit.

Remember though, it’s cold out there, so make sure to wear a moisture-wicking layer as the base, add a second layer that will help you retain body heat, and a third layer made of water- and wind-resistant material to keep yourself protected against the elements.

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